Analysis & Reporting

Self-Funding Partners utilizes one of health care’s most comprehensive reporting and data analytics tools, providing trend analysis, budgeting, and health and wellness effectiveness.

Employers are able to make educated decisions about health care benefits and their bottom line with Self-Funding Partners results-driven data management. Unlike fully-insured plans, employers receive:

Claims Review

  • Identify Cost Drivers
  • View Cost Allocations
  • Verify Network Savings

Trend Analyzer

  • Validate Program Efficacy
  • Track Utilization Habits

Plan Modeling

  • Flexible Design Options
  • Evaluate Change Impact
In addition, Self-Funding Partners provides companies with employee feedback. Through our Interaction Surveys, your employees will have the ability to rate each experience they have with Self-Funding Partners. These results are instantly shared with your internal HR department to ensure your employees are constantly receiving the highest quality service.

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