Employee Services

At Self-Funding Partners, we don’t believe that cutting costs should mean cutting services. That’s why we offer enhanced service programs for employees, including our Benefit Help Desk, 24/7 access to doctors, and workplace wellness strategies. Additionally, each employee is assigned a patient advocate who will work with them one-on-one. With self-funding, employers can offer current and potential employees benefit plans designed for their specific needs, and improved customer service.

POS Resolution  If an employee has an issue or question while visiting their local physician, our Point of Service (POS) resolution allows the employee and/or the physician to call us directly, while in the office, so we can address issues immediately and solve problems as they occur.

Benefits Help Desk Self-Funding Partners provides employers with an added layer of support services through our Benefits Help Desk. Your employees are encouraged to reach out to our Benefits Help Desk, via phone, email, or through our Live Chat software located on our company web page with any questions regarding benefits or eligibility, open enrollment, ID card requests, claims issues, etc. Our Help Desk staff is familiar with your company’s benefits, and the carriers that provide your benefits. Our staff will provide the answers your employees need and work to resolve any benefits issues they may have.

Teladoc™ Offer employees 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians via phone or online video. By speaking with a doctor when they want and where they want, employees enjoy access to doctors faster and on their terms, and employers benefit from decreased ER visits and improved health outcomes.

Wellness Strategies With self-funded plans, workplace wellness programs and other incentive programs can result in an immediate reduction in claims, cutting costs for employers, and in some cases, employees themselves. Wellness strategies can also decrease absenteeism, increase performance and productivity and create higher morale. Self-Funding Partners helps employers promote a healthy work environment that supports employees’ physical and emotional well-being and in turn, reduces health care costs.

Additional/Replacement Cards If an employee’s medical drug card gets misplaced or damaged, an additional card can be provided simply by contacting Self-Funding Partners via email or telephone. We'll ship a new card directly to your employee's home within 4-5 business days.

Employee Education Self-Funding Partners provides employees with a monthly or quarterly newsletter updating and educating them on any new changes or requirements made in health care industry.

New Hire Enrollment & Training Enrollment methods vary by employer and typically take place during your annual employee benefits enrollment period. Self-Funding Partners will help to quickly enroll any newly hired employees into your company health plan.

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