Plan Design

Self-Funding Partners makes taking control of your employee health care benefits easy. Our experts will help analyze your current health care plan in order to design one that fits the needs of your employees and your business. Additionally, we'll handle all administrative services, including enrollment, eligibility, claims processing and payments, COBRA, appeals, and more.

By managing your self-funded plan, we’re able to collect valuable data, for example, which benefits employees are using, and which they’re not. This data allows us to work with employers, continually analyzing and improving the benefit plan, in addition to controlling and reducing costs.

We start by reviewing your current health care benefits. Once we understand your goals, for both employee wellness, and controlling costs, we create a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you. Unlike traditional plans, self-funded health care plans can change from year to year. As your business grows and needs change, your self-funded plan evolves with you, allowing you flexibility, predictability and cost savings, you simply can’t get from a traditional health care plan.

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