Wellness Focus

A healthy employee is a happy employee. By providing strategies focused on workplace wellness, Self-Funding Partners helps employers take a proactive approach to employee health. Not only do wellness strategies improve the physical and emotional well-being of employees, but they can also result in reduced absenteeism, higher morale, and an improved company image.

Wellness programs are shown to be extremely effective in mitigating unnecessary health care costs, while ensuring plan participants receive the right care at the right time. Focusing on total population management through an integrated medical management program encourages preventive care and, over time, helps individuals understand their health risks to avoid higher cost claims and more invasive procedures.

Self-Funding Partners offers an integrated set of population health management solutions which encourage preventative care, and help employees understand their health risks so they can be proactive in their treatment.

Population Health Management Solutions:

  • Personal Health Risk Assessments
  • On-site Biometric Screenings
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Chronic Condition (Disease) Management
  • Utilization Management
  • Case Management
  • 24/7 Health Info Line
  • 24/7 Physician Line by Teladoc
  • Healthy Moms = Healthy Babies
  • MCM/Novu Health & Wellness Portal
  • Comprehensive Data Reporting

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